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What is a professional carer – The skills and qualities needed

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When you are in the position of living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, what does it mean to have the help of a professional carer?

What is a professional carer?

A professional carer can provide you with confidence and support in your day to day life. They can be an advisor, a housekeeper, a first-aider and a friend all rolled into one. Having the added help and companionship of a professional carer can mean that you are able to remain in your own home, as independently as you like. A professional carer is someone who will let you continue to live the life you love.

Professional carer

High Quality Care

With Guardian Carers, your carer is guaranteed to have the highest level of training possible. They will be kept up to date with industry standards, and interviewed and vetted by our team. Every carer has a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service check), an in-date first aid certification and they will be expected to attend a Safeguarding course.

They are always professional, friendly, approachable and trustworthy. It is of the utmost importance to us that you are comfortable with your carer, with having them in your home and spending time with them. When matching carer profiles to the care recipient, we take hobbies and interests into account too, meaning you will have the chance to form a bond with your carer, leading to true friendship and comfort around one another.

The idea of living in sheltered housing or a nursing home can often be terribly daunting and saddening. Your home is a place of comfort, filled with memories and you may not want to give it up. Hiring a professional carer means you can stay in your beloved home while still receiving any support you wish to have to make your life easier, as well as starting a friendship.

Tailored Professional Care

We ensure that all of our carers are matched perfectly to the care recipient. We provide you with a selection of profiles of our carers, so that you can choose exactly who you would like to help you. And it is important to get the level of care right too - after our detailed consultation process, we will know how many hours of care you will require, and for which tasks - and we can make sure your care plan is as unique as you are.

Professional carer

Care Available

Guardian Carers offers a wide variety of care solutions. A carer can be there for you by providing a number of services, from cooking meals and doing the laundry to personal bathing and organising activities. The choice lies with you - you can have the help of a professional carer as much or as little as possible, with the added bonus of remaining in the comforting surroundings of your own home.

Our carers can be there for you 24 hours a day or just to give you a little extra help with daily tasks. Whether you need a live-in or live-out carer, full-time or part-time, the decision is entirely yours.

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