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Case Studies of our candidates

You don’t have to take our word for it, see for yourself. Below are a few case studies of candidates we have placed in Residences just like yours. Guardian Carers has candidates at every level, willing and excited to join you.

Registered Care Home Manager


Maria is a highly experienced registered care home manager who has a vast knowledge of the care home and health care sector. Maria is passionate about providing an excellent high-quality service to her clients and knows the importance of maintaining a strong brand image. She has extremely worked hard throughout her carer and overachieved many KPI’s to ensure that all of the care residences she has managed is at least of CQC rating of “Good”. Maria is naturally a peoples person and on numerous occasions has built care and admin teams from scratch,however, most recently she has a strong cohort of carers and nurses who have followed her from various care homes. Maria feels that her wealth of experience matched with her innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is what makes her stand out.

Head Chef


Few people talk about their job with the same enthusiasm and passion as Marco, and it is obvious through his knowledge of techniques. Marco is a candidate who offers only the best to his employers. With experience working for private families as well as larger scale events, Marco brings his skill, expertise and dedication. Working with his employers to create a meal plan that is not only delicious and varied but caters to all dietary requirements is what Marco excels at.

“Marco is an excellent cook! The standards of his cuisine are of the highest I have ever seen. He is tidy, well-organised. He does an immaculate job from start to finish.”

  • Reference from a private client



Aneta is a carer with over 7 years of experience. Guardian Carers placed Aneta with a client within a retirement community whose mobility was steadily decreasing. Aneta is a patient and an empathetic candidate that is willing to go above and beyond expectations to ensure the highest level of care is carried out. Her role within the retirement community is to work one on one with her clients as a companion, taking them to lunch, encouraging them to join in the activities held by the community and also taking them to appointments and activities outside of the community.

Aneta is passionate about the work she does and works round the clock. Not only is Aneta a dear companion to her client, but she works alongside the staff of the community to ensure medication is administered correctly, appointments are kept and assisting with personal care.

“ Aneta always went beyond expectation when completing duties, I have no doubt she was single-handedly responsible for keeping my mother alive for the last two years of her life.”

  • Reference from private family

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