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When it comes to private care in Bristol, they will allow you to have complete control over how your spend your day, what care you need, when you need it, and what meals you need to be prepared for you. Your private carer will be able to give you a helping hand within your daily routine, whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home. At Guardian Carers, our Bristol private carers are handpicked and tailored to your suit your needs and requirements. Your private carer will get to know your routine and interests, therefore they can arrange the activities you enjoy and maintain your household the way you normally would. At Guardian Carers, we provide a wide range of private housekeeper-carers that are available to assist you from a few hours a day or week, to accompanying you to event or exchanging stories over a cup of tea. We go above and beyond to make sure all of our carers have at least a minimum of 3 years experience, this is to ensure they are prepared and knowledgeable to handle an emergency situation, you will always be confident that you are safe and secure, and help is available.


Having a Live-In Bristol carer is considered the most comprehensive type of care that we can offer. This service is highly recommended if you want a gradual step before moving into a care home, or simply if you want to avoid it as a whole. At guardian carers, we pride ourselves in making sure you feel very comfortable with your carer, and then hopefully a care residence will not be an option for you. Your Bristol Live-In carer will be able to care for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whilst you remain in your own home.

Live-Out care is a specific type of care that will help you with your daily tasks and activities. Having a Bristol Live-Out carer will be a seamless addition to your day to day tasks, and are able to help more than just around the household.

Hiring Part-Time care in Bristol will mean your carer can be available once a week, a few times a week or for a couple of hours a day depending on what support you are looking for. If there is no need for you to require constant care throughout the day or week, then this type of care will be suitable for you. It will allow you to specify what care you need, and when you need it.

By using a private care agency such as Guardian Carers, we can also offer you a Housekeeper-Carer, which is the perfect hybrid of having a person who takes the responsibilities of your household duties, as well as assisting with your personal care. Your personal Bristol Housekeeper-Carer will be more flexible and are there to give you a helping hand wherever you may need it. This could range from changing the bed linen, to assisting with personal hygiene. A Bristol Housekeeper-Carer can be available for Part-Time or Full-Time work, as well as Live-in or Live-Out.

We can also offer you with a Companion Housekeeper. A Bristol Companion Housekeeper will be able to provide you with companionship within your daily life, as well as supporting your needs and caring for your safety. You are free to share stories and experience over a warm cup of tea. Your Bristol Companion Housekeeper will be carefully and thoroughly selected to ensure your personalities match and you share similar characteristics and morals to each other.

Respite care can also be provided for you or your loved one. Respite care allows you to be cared for within a set period of time, this can include personal and home care. In many situations, Respite care is often used for people if they have undergone an operation, or if their current private nursing carer is on annual leave. In addition, a Bristol Respite carer can also help with home transfers from the hospital for you or your loved one.


By having your private carer in Bristol, it allows you to not only remain in your beloved household, but it also ensures that they can focus solely on you and your wellbeing. This may not be possible if you are living in a retirement residence. Your private carer can be at your beck and call, and can be flexible to your needs and requirements. This will enable you to live an independent life, and continue to what you like to do and when you want to do it.

Your private Bristol carer is there to assist you with your day to day life, they can perform an array of duties:

  • Helping with personal care and hygiene
  • Managing any medications and ensuring it is taken on time
  • Preparing any meals, snacks, and hot or cold beverages
  • Ensuring the household kept clean and tidy
  • Accompanying you to any social events or outings
  • Liaising with doctors and taking you to any appointments you may have
  • Encouraging you to live a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Organising any leisure activities
  • Going for walks in the park or around the neighbourhood
  • Helping with any home administration, such as sorting out bills
  • Booking any reservations or transport to restaurants and cafes
  • Feeding or walking any pets you might have

Your Bristol private carer will go above and beyond to ensure you get all the help you need.


At Guardian Carers, we ensure that all of our carers are highly qualified and trained to work in the care industry, specifically for clients who may have certain medical conditions. A Bristol carer can be the best option for you if you are dealing with more serious health issues, for example Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Our carers are specially trained and have hands on experience in these areas. This will be most beneficial for you as they will have a deeper understanding of ways you can manage your health, and how you can handle issues and complications that may arise. Your private carer will be able to guide you through the changes that may happen within yourself, provide you with reassurance and an understanding shoulder to lean on. Having an experienced and trained private carer in your home will enable you to rely on someone in your home if there are difficult times. They can also be a source of comfort and support, which is an essential part of home care in Bristol.


The different types of private home care in Bristol can vary in cost quite significantly. This will depend on the type of care you need, the level of support and geographical location. It is important for you and your loved one to know all the information and facts before starting your search for a carer, as this will involve financial planning.

Hiring a Live-In carer in Bristol tends to be the most expensive option, considering your carer will be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But this very popular as it allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home, without worrying about going to a retirement residence, and in comparison it is much more affordable. Live-In care in Bristol is different to other types of care because it billed either by the day or the week. It will improve the quality of life for people and and much greater independence than a care home provider.

Live-Out care is very similar to Live-In, as it also allows the care recipient to remain in their home. However, Live-Out does not consist of 24 hour care, but it is adapted to the specific needs of the individual. It is billed by the hour which will make it easier for you to keep track of how much the care is costing. Live-Out care can come in the form of either Part-Time or Full-Time, or Respite care.

The price of care can depend on the type of care you need. On average, many of the Bristol private carers may cost £12-15 an hour. Our Live-In care package can range from £100 - 140 per day, but this could depend on the complexity of the role. We also provide a wide range of overnight private carers, which can cost between £15 - £20 per hour. Budgeting and financing for private care in Bristol can be difficult, but Guardian carers can provide you with any advice you need and search for the private carer that fits your financial requirements.


Making the initial decision to get a private carer for you or your can be difficult, and then knowing where and how to start your search could be even more overwhelming. Which is why consulting with a private home care agency in Bristol could be the best option for you to ensure your search is stress-free and seamless. At Guardian Carers, you will have direct access to expert, and experienced advice, we will take the hassle of finding someone out of your hands and ensure the process is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. All of our carers will go through an in depth, face to face interview. Once you have made your decision on your preferred Bristol carer, we are also able to provide you with sample contracts and a payroll service.

Guardian Carers has over 14 years experience in the care service industry, this means we will go through a thorough vetting procedure.We pride ourselves in providing a premium level of service for our clients, as we expect the same from our carers. By using a private care agency, Guardian Carers can reassure you that we will present you the very best private carer suited to your needs, requirements and interests, and has had a thorough background check. The carers’ verbal references will be verified by one of our consultants and ensure their experience matches your requirements perfectly.

Our expert consultants strongly believe that your care should start from the very moment we are in contact with you, and we will not rest until you have found your perfect carer. We are always on hand to help you at any point during your care search process, and even after you have found the carer for you, we are happy to deal with any queries or concerns you may have.

We provide a luxury service for an aspect of your life that is so personal. 90% of our families that we work with are in happy, long term placements. By using a private care agency in Bristol, you will be guaranteed to have support from every angle.


If you are on the search for a Bristol carer for you or your loved one, then Guardian Carers could help you with anything you need to find your perfect carer. Our consultants are industry experts and can answer all the questions you may have, and discuss what type of care you would be best suited for you. If you would like to find out more about our services, then feel free to give us a call today.

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